Active stacker

Active stacker available in cable lengths of 1 - 6 m for collecting cables
(minimum stacking length 0,5m)

Basic equipment


• For cable of a Ø of 0,5 - 20 mm

• Controlled by a micro-processor

• Item memories for up to 99000 programmes

• Enabling signal to other machines

• Motor-Stop-Synchronisation

• Process monitoring

• Short-circuit-proof motor regulation

• RS interface

• Aluminium frame, solid tray and covers made of metal

Technical specifications

Power supply:                            220/230 V

Watt consumption:                   500 W

Air pressure:                              4 - 6 bar

Speed of belt feed:                   0 - 6 m/sec

Weight:                                      approx. 130 kg at a length of 2 m


• Intermediate collection tray

• When connected to a TEKUWA machine there is a low-cost version, where the TEKUWA  machine takes full control over the stacker

The machine is conform with the present and current CE-guide lines.
Subject to technical modifications.

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