Strong prefeeding unit for pulling heavy cables and other similar materials directly from the drum and prefeeding to other processing machines 

This pulling application is equipped with a parallel driven belt feed, supported by six rollers in each drive and with pneumatic opening of the

Basic equipment

 • Regulation via an external analogue signal and/or the  installed mobile arm

• Regulation of the mobile arm with security stop in case of cable jamming

• Basic speed adjustable via potentiometer

• Acceleration and brake ramp freely programmable

• Maximum speed freely programmable

• Start-Stop operation via external machine signal possible

• Short-circuit-proof motor regulation

• Free signal from and to other machines

Technical specifications

Length of belt feed:                                approx. 400 mm

Feeder opening width:                           max. 50 mm
Feeder opening height:                          max. 50 mm

Speed:                                                        0 - 3 m/sec

Pulling force:                                            600 N - 2000 N

Control:                                                     Frequency inverter

Drive:                                                         DC motor, frequency regulated

Power supply:                                          220/230 V

Width:                                                       700 mm
Height:                                                      400 mm
Depth:                                                       500 mm
Weight:                                                      approx. 70 kg

 • * optional via RS 232 interface

 • If this application is connected to a TEKUWA machine, its speed can be regulated by the
  master machine 

The machine is conform with the present and current CE-guide lines.
Subject to technical alterations.

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