DR 200 E

Cable store with electrically driven pulling suitable for feeding material without any traction. 

Basic equipment

• Cable diameters of up to 20 mm (depending on the
  kind of cable)

• Drum width up to 800 mm

• Drum diameter up to 1000 mm

• Made of solid aluminium profiles, 80 x 40 mm, with painted metal panels, store wheels with ball-bearings

• The axle on which the cable drum is installled is equipped with a pneumatical brake

• Adjustable conical clamp unit for fixing the drum to the axle

• Inner diameter of drum hole 30 - 80 mm

• Breaking power adjustable by a pressure controller 1 - 6 bar

• Positioning switch installed on the store sets the brake automatically in motion

• Electrical operation of the cable pulling controlled by a three-phase-motor with frequency regulation 220 V / 550 Watt, adjustable basic speed regulated by a mobile arm

• Acceleration and brake ramps freely programmable

• Electrical output for free signal

• Electrical output for external autostart

• Safety cutoff in case of cable jamming

• Analogue entry for sensor light control

• Storage capacity with 4 wheels approx. 4.80 m

Technical specifications

Height:                                   210 cm

Width:                                    100 cm

Length:                                  160 cm

Speed of belt feed:              max. 6 m/sec

Weight:                                  approx. 85 kg


• Table extension made of the same profiles as the de-reeler for the connection of further machines to a line
• Storage expansion per approx. 2.3 m  
In order to achieve conformity with CE-guide lines, the DR200Es working space must be protected by a fence or a light barrier, provided by the customer.

Special models on request.
Subject to technical alterations.

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