Cutting machine SC-30-S

Fast and precise electro-pneumatic cutting machine for cutting solid tubes of up to Ø 12 mm

Basic equipment

Cutting capacity of up to 18000 cycles per hour depending on material and length

• Fast and easy operating via the plastic foil keyboard

• Software includes item and order processing

• The installed Compact-Flash card of 128 MB permits to  save up to:
  - 99000 production programmes
  - 300 jobs with up to 100 single positions

• As standard the machine is equipped with short-circuit-proof interfaces for de-reelers, prefeeders, coiling  machines and stackers as well as marking units and ink-jets

• AC-servo positioning drive

• Parallel driven belt feed supported by three rollers with pneumatic opening and closing device

• Marking programme

• Optionally there are different kinds of blades and belts available depending on the material

• Cutting unit pneumatically operated with tempered guides, blade holder made of  HSS tool-steel for taking the cutting blade (thickness: 0,5 mm) made as a taper solution (45°), exit guide.

Technical specifications

Power supply:                                220/230 V

Watt consumption:                       approx. 400 W

Air pressure:                                  5-10 bar

Noise emission:                             less than 75 dbA

Height:                                            305 mm

Width:                                             375 mm

Debth:                                            420 mm

Weight:                                          approx. 25 kg


• Additional sensor for automatic start when taking out a single piece

• TEKUWA PC Kit (PC software for connecting cutting machines to customary PCs)

The machine is conform with the present and current CE-guide lines.
Subject to technical alterations.

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